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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of some of the most common questions about drum lessons. If you do not see the question you need to ask, click here to send us a message.

Yes, you can cancel or suspend your membership at anytime. You can do this by logging into your account and go to the subscription tab and click the button to cancel. If you decide to cancel, and need assistance, please contact us directly.
  1. If you’ve won a previous month you are not eligible to win again (but you are encouraged to submit your video.
  2. Your video must be 60 seconds.
  3. You must #iPlay followed by the name of the song that month.
  4. Your submission must be uploaded to Instagram by the last day of the month at 9PM EST.
  5. Your 60 second clip must feature the first 60 seconds of the song. If you choose to include non-drum intro (where applicable) that is totally fine.
  6. You must be a Member of MGL to be eligible to win.
  7. Your video does NOT need to include the song of the month overdubbed. That is up to you.
  8. You do NOT have to play the song at 100% speed to be eligible. The goal here is to have fun and push yourself and we are not all at the same level.
  9. And, above all, HAVE FUN!!!

While we do not accept PayPal through the website, you can contact us through chat or the contact us form telling us what you would like to purchase. We will then reach out to you and arrange payment at that time. If wanting to pay with PayPal for the membership, you will be required to pay for a full year.

A drum set is preferred but not required. Ensure that your wi-fi connection and laptop or phone is able to run Zoom. The Zoom login information will be supplied when you sign up for the lesson.

An Online Drum Lesson is 30 minutes long.

When booking the lesson, you will be prompted to pay for the lessons through the cart. Online Drum Lessons are $45 and On-Tour Drum Lessons are $50  and are paid at the time the order is placed. The payment method secure. Our site is also secure. Always look for the lock icon in the top url when making any payments online.

You will receive an email from Matt confirming the lesson.

Learn the rudiments of drumming, double bass, fills, creativity, theory, speed around the kit, technique, writing music, working with a band, and so much more. All skill levels are welcome! Learn how to play an August Burns Red song on drums or any specific drum part as well. Groove Scribe is used as a resource to enhance the lesson and create additional homework in between lessons.

You can go to my contact page and send your questions through the online form.

The lessons are geared for all ages and skill levels from basic to advanced and everything in between.

Matt will be waiting in a Zoom Meeting for you at the time of your lesson. You will need to follow the directions for logging into the meeting. Matt will then grant you access to the lesson at your lesson time.

An On Tour Drum Lesson is 60 minutes long. Reference the Events & Appearances page for show dates near you. You will meet Matt at the front door of the venue at the lesson start time. Up to 5 students per show date. And a ticket is required to the show for entry.

All Online Drum Lessons are Eastern Time Zone unless otherwise indicated. All On-Tour Drum Lessons are day of the show in the time zone of the city.


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