Derek D

Working with Matt is always worth every penny. After my first session with him I had a hard time leaving the kit. Hoping to continue this master and padawan relationship for years to come.

Mike M

Matt has definitely helped me become a better drummer by teaching me to analyze why and how techniques are applied, not just the what. He is also sincere and genuine, as I don’t feel rushed through standard textbook lessons, but rather engaged through custom programming that meets my needs.

Jake W

Discovering this site was the by far the greatest asset in my journey of drumming. Not only is it jam packed with high quality content for every level, Matt is a great guy who is personally invested in your success. I have progressed more than I thought possible in such a short time, I will be a member for life!

Oscar M

I’d say that you and MGL have been super inspirational for my path as a drummer, both in teaching me new things and inspiring me to continue improving on my favorite hobby in the world!

Travis H

To me, my favorite part of what the Matt’s have put together with the website and drum hangouts is the community within it. I love being able to talk to some of my best friends on the hangout and still get the chance meet new people and connect with them every week!

Ryan M

Matt has built this amazing community of drummers from all over the world, that has helped give me the tools and support to keep pushing myself and my drumming.

Daniel H

These first few weeks following Matt’s lessons already has done significantly more for my drumming technique and ability than I could ever figure out trying to learn drums on my own for multiple years. I now find myself continually dedicating time to learning and not being frustrated by growing at my own pace.

Brandon S

Matt has greatly impacted my playing and approach on the drum kit over the years having him as a teacher. He has built a very supportive and interactive drumming community that I’m delighted to be a part of!

Jeremy B

Matt is an awesome instructor that will motivate you into pushing yourself. I learned a lot out of the 1 on 1 lessons with helpful tips and exercises that have helped guide me into progressing faster than I could’ve imagined.

Gabriel A

My drumming experience with Greiner was greatly tailored towards musician individuality and developing ones own sound. Outside of simply focusing on rudiments, I was more instructed to develop patterns through my own creativity and to expand those ideas into a fluid motion around my set, as opposed to drilling a one pad for hours at a time. This method is very effective for not only beginners, but also for experienced drummer aiming to expand in their sound. Thanks Matt, looking forward to our next session!

Alessandro D

Getting to be taught drums by Matt himself and to be a part of an international drummers community is the honor I have from being a member of this website… If you’re looking for a way to learn how to play metalcore, then this is the place for you.

Zev R

The community that Matt has built through the Drummer Hangouts is something like no other. Getting the chance to meet others in the drum community and hear their experiences has been amazing!

Clare R

Learning from Matt has given me the motivation to practice for myself again. It’s awesome to be part of such a great community of drummers!

Jake K

With my time here, I’ve found more than just tools to improve my skill set. I’ve found a group of like minded individuals who inspire me to get better, and most importantly, to believe in myself.

Martin S

I’ve learned a great deal from Matt. Drumming is in his soul and he put it in my heart.

Sara G

Matt is a fun teacher who makes learning to play the drums exciting! I’m always looking forward to my next lesson.

Ross U

I started drumming during the lockdown for structured stress relief. Matt has been an excellent teacher for me as a beginner. Also, the drummer hangouts have been very welcoming, and have some awesome guests!

Jeremy T

It goes without saying; Matt is an exceptional musician. But his skills go deeper than just music. He is respectful and encouraging and gives his whole heart in everything he does. His ability as a player paired with his love for people makes him and his program what they are. Simply, Stellar.

Chris G

MGL is such a great resource for drummers looking to learn great ABR drum content, work on fills, and nail down that Greiner double bass skill. Lessons from Matt are fantastic and he work great with both my kids and makes drumming fun! The Drummer Hangouts are amazing, the best drummers and musicians in the world coming together to talk shop. Love this website!