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Check out my sponsors. They all have great products!

DW Drums

I signed with DW Drums in 2013 after playing for Truth Drums for 9 years. DW Drums are based out of Oxnard, California and have made me some of the most beautiful kits I’ve ever seen. They care about quality, focus energy and resources in the clinician world, and continue to be one of the drum companies leading the way in the drum/hardware industry. I play a DW Collectors Series maple kit (18×20″ bass drum, 6.5×14″ brass snare, 8×10″ and 9×12″ rack toms and a 14×16″ floor tom). I use DW 9000 Series hardware and 9000XF double bass pedals.

Evans Drumheads

My very first drum-set came with Evans heads.  I remember the first time I tried out the eMad kick head with the old EC2 clear tom heads.  I was blown away by the punchyness and tone of the heads.  More than anything I remember thinking to myself, “Evans makes heads that make playing drums feel good.”  That statement is very much so true and alive today!  I use Evans G2 clear batter and G1 clear resonant on toms, Heavyweight coated on snare.

Ultimate Ears

In 2006 August Burns Red began playing to a click track.  I was the only one running the click and therefore needed a good set of headphones for performing live. Someone recommended I purchase the Ultimate Ears UE7 Pros.  I went to an Audiologist and got my ears molded and soon after got my custom in ear monitors.  Practicing with such good isolation and clear audio was a game changer.  I haven’t looked back ever since and am currently using the UE Live custom in ear monitors!

Vic Firth

I’ve played Vic Firth sticks since 2006.  A number of years ago I got a call from my rep there who asked me if I’d be interested in doing a signature stick with them!  I was thrilled and worked for about 8 months on designing my own stick.  I’m honored to be a part of the family, thanks Vic Firth!


My first drumkit came with Zildjian cymbals.  I started off with A-customs and still swear by those crashes today!  I had a difficult time getting their attention as an artist because August Burns Red wasn’t a super established band so I had to get creative to get the sponsorship.  I set my kit up, took a picture from up above (using a step ladder), sent it to my friend Carson who ‘flashed it out,’ and put a hit counter at the bottom. Whenever anyone would ask what kind of cymbals I was using I would refer them to the website. After about a month I had about 30,000 hits and sent the URL over to Zildjian.  That weekend I had the deal.  It’s the best company with the very best people.  Thanks Zildjian!

Matt Greiner Lessons