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1 Song, 60 Seconds
Win Cool Prizes

#iplay contest


1 Song, 60 Seconds
Win Cool Prizes

Record yourself drumming along to the first 60 seconds of the song. Upload the video to Instagram using the #iplay(current_song) by the last day of  the month, 9:00 PM EST to be eligible! Prizes vary based on many factors.

#iPlay Contest Rules
Each month, Matt will select an #iPlay song to work on. Then you will have until the end of the month to get your video up on Instagram. Learn how to play along on drums using the breakdown videos on the website! Prize to be announced soon!

Here are the rules for the #iPlay contest (in case you just signed up to be a Member at MGL or missed the last email):
  1. If you've won a previous month you are not eligible to win again (but you are encouraged to submit your video
  2. Your video must be 60 seconds
  3. You must #iPlay followed by the name of the song that month
  4. Your submission must be uploaded to Instagram by the last day of the month at 9PM EST
  5. Your 60 second clip must feature the first 60 seconds of the song.  If you choose to include non-drum intro (where applicable) that is totally fine.
  6. You DO NOT NEED to be a Member of MGL to be eligible to win.
  7. Your video does NOT need to include the song of the month overdubbed.  That is up to you.
  8. You do NOT have to play the song at 100% speed to be eligible.  The goal here is to have fun and push yourself and we are not all at the same level.
  9. Restricted to US residents only. 



June 2020

June 2020 contest winner Zach I. (@zachinchdrums) with his Zildjian Trash China cymbal. 


July 2020

July 2020 contest winner Kevin C. (@kevincorkran) with a pair of Ultimate Ears.


August 2020

Congratulations to 9 year old Jordan (@j_drummer05) on winning the 14” Greiner Kilmer snare drum.


September 2020

Congratulation to John H. (@hawleywooddrums) on winning the Shure SM58 Microphone from Sweetwater.


October 2020

Congratulation to Mathieux D. (@mathieux_davis) on winning the prototype Blast Bell. 


November 2020

Congratulation to Ryan M.(@ryanpomcguire) on winning the prototype Zildjian 9″ Oriental Trash Splash. Image of Ryan with the Zildjian 9″ Oriental Trash Splash!


December 2021

Congratulation to Dale D. (@pinky.dailey ) on winning the sE Electronics sE8 Small-diaphragm Condenser Microphone – Stereo Pair from Sweetwater!


January 2021

Congratulation to Kevin A. (@abandoningkev ) on winning the Earthworks ICON Studio-Quality USB Streaming Microphone from Sweetwater!


February 2021

Congratulation to Riley W. with his video found on (@mike.wilkinson.drums ) on winning the pair of double bass pedals thanks to Sweetwater!