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If you ever wanted to learn a song from august burns red on drums here is your chance.

Have you ever thought, “I am so close but missing something?” Matt is creating content based on his songs. For more information on the videos, watch the one here to learn more about the exclusive content.

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What you get with your membership!

Exclusive Content

As a member you will have access to Matt’s FAVORITE & HARDEST PART of each song, Zoom drummer hangouts, and video content to help you learn, practice and memorize August Burns Red content.

Video Playthroughs

These video playthroughs come with versions played at 3 different speeds so you can hear what Matt is doing. Matt is playing the songs at 75% SPEED, 88% SPEED & 100% SPEED so you can listen to and learn the drum parts of the song. Once you are signed up, you will be able to help Matt select more songs as he goes. 

Drummer Hangouts

Matt hosts a weekly Drummer Hangout every Wednesday night at 8pm EST. As a Member, you’ll have access to the Zoom login info so you can join and ask any questions you might have and become friends with the other drummers in the MGL community!

Early Access

As a member, we will reach out to you when anything new is happening like new blocks of online drum lessons, on-tour drum lessons and special products. 

Lesson Discounts

As an additional perk for being a member of Matt Greiner Lessons, you will receive a special discount of $15 USD OFF of individual online and on-tour drum lessons.

Product Discounts

From time to time, Matt will be adding some really cool products to this website (like the Blast Bell). Your membership will entitle you to get a first crack at anything he puts up here and discounts on the some of the products.

Members will also be entered into very cool giveaways!