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Membership, Drum Lessons & More

Looking to learn songs from the August Burns Red library? Here is your chance to learn directly from Matt. Whether you sign up for the exclusive membership to the website or just take online drum lessons, the goal is to have fun. Also, from time to time, Matt will have items for sale like the Blast Bell. Sign up for the membership now and get it for just $10 / per month!

Matt Greiner, Drummer for August Burns Red and Drum Teacher

My name is Matt Greiner, I play drums in Lancaster County based band, August Burns Red. My parents tell me that I started playing drums when I was 6 months old. My mom tells me that I would sit in my highchair and make noise with my hands. When I was a little older I would take pots and pans out of the cabinet and set them up on the kitchen floor and play drum beats. I have much to be thankful for but most of all I’m filled with gratitude for my parents and their patience and understanding in allowing me to play the loudest instrument on the planet!

Because of my mom’s diligence and insight, I took piano lessons from age 10 until I was 15. Even though I didn’t enjoy taking weekly lessons at the time my mom was right in saying that I would benefit from it in more ways than I could imagine later on down the road. Sure enough, she was right. After 5 years of piano lessons, I convinced my parents at age 15 to allow me to buy a snare drum that I could play on. Perhaps a selling point was the fact that a snare drum in the basement was better than my hands making noise on the kitchen table for 3 meals per day.

More About Matt

Matt has been the drummer of August Burns Red since 2003 and has accomplished some really big things: 

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